Player Profiles can be accessed in a number of ways. For a player to view their own profile, selecting the Player Profile tab on the top of the game screen, will show their current details, as well as allow them to edit some fields.

Players can view their Friends' profiles, by clicking their portrait on the Friend's Bar, and selecting the Profile option. Profiles can also be accessed by choosing a name from a the member's list of an Alliance Profile, or locating a player in the Overworld, and clicking their name, with a Dungeon selected.

Player Profiles offer a variety of information:

  • Player Name
  • Alliance Name and Tag
  • Player's Level in the Game
  • The number of Power Points currently
  • Overall Rank on the Server World
  • Dungeon Names, Region, and Coordinates. If the player viewing the Profile has access to the Region, they can select the Dungeon name, and view the Mountain location. If the player is unable to view the the Mountain location, the appropriate Technologies may not have been Researched at that time.
  • Profile Details. This is editable by the player.
  • Awards. These are medals awarded to the player. Hovering over each Medal will give information on the award.

Player Profile