Crafting is a very important element of playing Goblin Keeper. Overlords will Craft Furniture , Resources , Recipes , and Traps .

Crafting is done by clicking on the crafting menu button (which looks like an anvil).

This will open a menu and you can select which type of item you wish to craft.

Crafting Slots Editar

Dungeons start out with the 4 crafting slots. This number can be increased by purchasing boosts and permanent slot increases in the Shop .

Crafting Furniture Editar

You can only craft 1 furniture item per crafting slot. Simply select which furniture item you wish to craft, and if you have the needed requirements (usually resources), you can craft it.

Crafting Resources Editar

You can craft up to 10 resources per type per crafting slot. Many Resources are made not harvested. Crafted Resources are combinations of basic resources.

Crafting Recipes Editar

You can only craft 1 Recipe item per crafting slot. Recipes are simply a special type of furniture that has a limited quantity. You purchase Recipes in the Shop . Once you have some recipes, you can craft them by choosing which one you wish to make and having enough resources.

Crafting Traps Editar

You can only craft 1 Trap per crafting slot. Simply choose which trap you wish to craft, and if you have the needed resources, you can press Craft.

Menu for Crafting Editar